Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Well it's been almost 2 weeks since I last posted. I still can't find the tablet so I'm not happy as I've had to post a few of the cards out to people. The kids did go to their dads but he dumped them on his new wife and went back to work, so as you can guess they weren't very happy with him. I am off out shopping in a bit so I will get some batteries for the camera and post my card pics that way I think. Speak to you all later.

Friday, 11 May 2012

Right where do I start.. Not been feeling too well lately. The Dr says it is only to be expected because of the loss of Mum but why do I feel so down all the time. To help me get over that I have joined a few craft groups on facebook and have been making cards which when I can find the tablet I will take some photos and upload on here. The kids are playing up but I think they are only getting like this because they are due to go to their dads this weekend and I think they think he might cancel again like he did last month. I'm off to find the table then i can show you my cards. see you all later

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Back home

Well I've been down to visit my Dad for a few days. The snow has finally all gone so the kids are disappointed. Last night we went to see South East Berks Gang show and had a great evening full of entertainment.

Have a good evening

Friday, 10 February 2012


Wow I didn't realise I've been away from the land of blogging for over 2 years. A lot has happened in that time.I've made loads of cards which obviously need putting on here.
My daughter Kayleigh has been in and out of plaster twice. (her final stint was November last year to January this year)
My son fell 50-60 foot down rocks (last March)and survived with only a few cuts to his head and knee.
Finally the saddest thing that happened was that my Mum passed away on Boxing Day 2011 which also happened to be Kayleighs 12th birthday. We're coping well and I've finally managed to start making cards again so hopefully this blog will be kept up to date.

Right I'm off to have a cuppa then pack the car up as we're off to visit my Dad for a few days because it's half term for the kids

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Sorry it's been so long

Well it's been quite a while since I was last on here and such a lot has happened. Kayleigh is finally out of plaster and has started physio. School has broken up for the summer holidays. The first week of the holidays Kayleigh came down with flu like symptoms on the Saturday but because it was a weekend I just dosed her up with paracetamol and ibuprofen and they seemed to disappear. By the Wednesday they had come back so I phoned the Doctor, he said because I hadn't called at the weekend he couldn't give her Tamiflu so he could only record it as a suspected case of swine flu but I still had to keep her and the other 2 isolated for 5 days just incase.
Isolation time is now up so hopefully we can enjoy the rest of the holidays without too much trouble.

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Kayleighs got another cast on her foot

I dropped Michaela and Josh off at a friends then took Kayleigh to the hospital for a check up on her foot. Her appointment was 10.25 and we arrived at 10 where we were given slips to get her cast off and X-rays done. We had to wait and hour to have her cast off then we went off to X-ray where we waited another 45 mins. By the time we got back to the fracture/trauma clinic it was 12.15. Half an hour later we went in to see the consultant, we were with her for about 5 mins then had to go out and sit for another hour to wait for a new cast to be put on. We then had to wait around for half an hour whilst the cast set and they made her next appointment. We finally left the hospital at about 3pm and got back to my friends at 4.

Busy few weeks

Wow what a busy few weeks I have had or so it seems. I've been busy making cards for friends, forum members and family.
The kids have been backward and forwards to dancing, orchestra, Brownies etc. I've had various meetings and to top it all I've had to get Kayleigh up into her classroom each morning to make sure she wasn't pushed down the stairs or she didn't fall down them