Thursday, 28 May 2009

Kayleighs got another cast on her foot

I dropped Michaela and Josh off at a friends then took Kayleigh to the hospital for a check up on her foot. Her appointment was 10.25 and we arrived at 10 where we were given slips to get her cast off and X-rays done. We had to wait and hour to have her cast off then we went off to X-ray where we waited another 45 mins. By the time we got back to the fracture/trauma clinic it was 12.15. Half an hour later we went in to see the consultant, we were with her for about 5 mins then had to go out and sit for another hour to wait for a new cast to be put on. We then had to wait around for half an hour whilst the cast set and they made her next appointment. We finally left the hospital at about 3pm and got back to my friends at 4.

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Sue. said...

omg what a day you had. hope she get better soon xx