Monday, 10 November 2008

Cards for Great Ormond Street Hospital

Hi. Today I was reading through the posts on Cardmaking and Papercraft forum when I saw this.

Could you make a card for a child in Great Ormond Street hospital to give to a loved one that visits them or to one of the nurses.

Click here for further details

If the link here doesn't work either copy and paste the details or click on Yours Truly under blogs I visit and that will take you there. You will then need to scroll down to 1st November for the details

I'm sure I can make some cards so how about you too???


Kate Lewis said...

Thank you so much!! Could you email me at so I can email you my postal address (don't like to put my address online!) Thanks for your support Kate x

Sally Bentham said...

I have put a post on my blog aswell Frances, lets hope lots of people see it and send in there cards. (fingers crossed)